What is a Relocation Specialist?

When a job opportunity comes up and it’s out of town, a Relocation Specialist steps in to make the move as painless as possible.

My goal as a Relocation Specialist is to assist you in locating the right home, neighborhood and environment for you so your focus is on your new job. I have the training & certification to work with all Relocation Management companies. Only a small percentage of Realtors are certified Relocation Specialists.

Looking to sell your house during a relocation? Click the button below.

Seller Relocation

How it works

Do you have a Relocation Package from your employer? In either case the process is similar, but your ‘relo package’ may determine other options.

We will have an initial call or video meeting to determine what your needs are and what other resources I can provide to make the move smooth. Everyone goes through relocation with different needs depending on family size, where your moving, how much stuff you have and budget. I can help with the following and more, just ask.

Tours and orientation: As your Relocation Specialist I will arrange a tour of the area, not just homes. Every area is different and getting you set up in the right community is my goal. We can view the area to find the fun stuff. Let’s enjoy the journey.

Finding a new home: We will discuss what’s important to you and after looking at the area we can focus on what’s important in a home for you. Looking to rent first? No problem, we can view homes for rent too.

Navigating the closing: The process is different in every state and it’s my job to guide you on the local practices & laws. From initial viewing options to closing, I’m here to field your questions.

Finding a moving company: I have a great network of local movers, but if you need to move from out of state, you guessed it, my network is here to help.

Packing your things: Do you have items that require special care? Or do you need someone to pack your entire home? I can get the right movers in for the right items. Pianos, art, valuables of all sorts… even your cars.

Shipping pets: That’s a big one. I have a network of pet shippers who will take care of your family.

Local service providers: You will need a new dentist, child-care provider, hair stylist, dry cleaner… My goal is to get you settled and enjoying life ASAP and my local network is here to help. Best sushi restaurant? I have you covered.

Selling your current home: If you are moving to the Tri-Valley I can refer you to a Realtor to sell your current home, even if you’ve already left the area.

Let’s connect

If you are moving from the Tri-Valley out of area – I have a Nationwide and International network to assist you. I also interview any agent to make sure they will be a good match for you.

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