Seller Relocation

What is a Relocation Specialist?

As a Certified Relocation Specialist, my goal is to make your home sale as painless as possible.

If you have a Relocation Package from your employer, we will need to discuss the package to understand what your employer requires.

How it works

We will have an initial call or video meeting to discuss your package, timing of move, your needs and schedule a time for me to conduct my Broker Market Analysis.

Broker Market Analysis: This is similar to an appraisal report. If you have Relocation Management company involved, they will require this report to be completed. This report provides an estimate of the value to the company and also will include recommendation from me as to potential work needed.

Required documentation: Depending on the relocation package you receive; the management company may require you to transfer the property to the company. This is common, and part of the training I receive as a Relocation Specialist is working with the company to ensure this is done correctly. If handled incorrectly there may be potential tax consequences or rejection of the entire Relocation Package.

Prepping your home: We will discuss options for preparing your home and communicate with the management company. This link Prepping Your Home includes a standard approach for all my home sellers.

Reviewing offers: This is where the previous transfer comes into play. A Relocation sale is different from a typical sale because the management company may be responsible for signing the accepted offer. We will collect, review and negotiate the offer, but the company may be executing signatures.

Navigating the closing: The process is different in every state and it’s my job to guide you on the local practices & laws. From initial offer to closing, I’m here to field your questions.

Finding a moving company: I have a great network of local movers, but if you need to move from out of state or international, you guessed it, my network is here to help.

Packing your things: Do you have items that require special care? Or do you need someone to pack your entire home? I can get the right movers in for the right items. Pianos, art, valuables of all sorts… even your cars.

Shipping pets: That’s a big one. I have a network of pet shippers who will take care of your family.

Already out of area? If you have already relocated, I can assist with every aspect of your home sale. Form a video meeting to discuss the options to coordination of a moving company (we will discuss with the management company or options) I am here to assist and make your move as stress free as possible.

Let’s connect and discuss our plan

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