Dunsmuir Neighborhood Livermore, CA

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Dunsmuir Neighborhood Livermore, CA

The Dunsmuir Neighborhood in Livermore is located on the Eastern side of Livermore among wineries and vineyards. The community of Dunsmuir is comprised of 6 different neighborhoods and offers homes ranging from 2,000+/- sf. to over 4,000sf.

The Dunsmuir Neighborhood offers homes ranging between 8,000 to 11,000sf. lots with some homes offer in-law units.

Dunsmuir Neighborhood Models:

  • Gregory - 4bd, 2ba with 2,275sf.
  • Morgan - 4bd, 3ba with 2,845sf.
  • Morris - 5bd, 3ba with 3,011sf.
  • Wright - 6bd, 3ba with 3,522sf.

Cooperage Neighborhood Models:

  • Canton - 3bd, 2ba with 1,997sf.
  • Carrick - 4bd, 3ba with 2,292sf. - 2,434sf.
  • Five Rivers - 4bd, 3ba with 2,534sf.
  • Kelvin - 5bd, 3ba with 2,897sf.

Lindenwood Neighborhood Models:

  • Option 1 - 3bd, 2ba with 2,900sf.
  • Hawthorne - 5bd, 4ba with 3,541sf.
  • Princeville - 5 or 6bd, 4ba with 3,307sf. - 3,547sf.
  • Savoy - 5bd, 4ba 3,566sf.

Private Reserve Neighborhood Models:

  • Prosecco - 4bd, 3ba with 2,973sf.
  • Assemblage - 4bd, 3ba with 3,423sf.
  • Cremant - 4bd, 4ba with 3,709sf.
  • Cuvee - 5bd, 4ba with 3,878sf.
  • Meritage - 5bd, 5ba with 4,176sf.

Cresta Blanca Neighborhood Models:

  • Bordeaux - 3bd, 2ba with 2,190sf.
  • Malbec - 4bd, 3ba with 3,004sf.
  • Rhone - 5bd, 4ba with 3,287sf.
  • Syrah - 6bd, 4ba with 3,414sf.

Vintage Neighborhood Models:

  • Rousanne - 3 or 4bd, 3ba with 2,573sf.
  • Marsanne - 3 or 4bd, 3ba with 2,963sf.
  • Aramon - 4 or 5bd, 3ba with 3,128sf.

Dunsmuir Neighborhood Schools:

Elementary School: Arroyo Seco Elementary
Middle School: East Ave Middle School
High School: Livermore High School

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