What is Life's Hub? The Future Of Our Homes

I trust you and your family are doing well.Let us make the most from the shelter in place to connect with the ones we love, learn more about our children and overall focus on what's important in life.
People have asked me about the future of real estate. While predicting is extremely difficult in any part of life, I do have an opinion.

I see the future of our homes being Life's Hub. Our home becomes a place where we focus on our basic needs, professional obligations and recreation. I see home offices/learning rooms as one of the most important. Outdoor space will be a top necessity too. We will need to depend on our homes more for spaces to decompress, exercise & be productive in living life.The future..., I see home buyers focusing on a home as Life's Hub. Being close to downtown, schools or freeway access for commuting will come second or third to a better space to centrally live life.

What are your thoughts?
Stay healthy & positive

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