How to stage a home like a pro

Are you looking to sell your home? Professional staging is one of the many services I offer, but if you want to get a heads start, here are a few tips to stage like a pro.

1. Eliminate personal pics & items. Pack the pictures of the family, sports memorabilia and religious items. Buyer's want to feel like they can just step in and envision themselves in your home. If it feels too distracting a buyer could lose interest.

2. Pack up the clutter. Let's showcase the bones of the house. Clear all the extra appliances off the counters, the extra chairs in the living room and all the toys in the kids room. Let's pack it up and store it.

3. Focus the room to original intent. If you have a treadmill in the dining room, get it out. Let's bring the bedrooms back into focus. Removing desks, playsets, and all that stuff we throw into rooms as we live our normal lives.

4. Bring out the Elbow Grease. Scrub the toilets, showers and counter tops. Let's also focus on the smells. Got a pet, scrub the floors or clean the carpets. Food smells should be eliminated too. A neutral smell is an obvious goal.

5. Curb Appeal. A little shovel work goes a long way. Planting bright flowers, new mulch and a green trimmed lawn shows the buyers you are taking care of not only the house but the entire property.

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